Organizing Large Mailer Coupons

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I’m a coupon user.  No, not a coupon addict.  Just a regular ole coupon-er trying to use our pennies wisely.  Therefore, I tend to hang on to coupons & discount codes that may be useful to me.

While I don’t consider keeping coupons for potential use a problem, the cluttered pile that developed over time drove me CRAZY.  That, my friends, was a problem.

This is a great way to organize your LARGE mailer coupons.  Now I can find that Bed, Bath, & Beyond  20% Off coupon when I need it!

Yes, I had a clutter pile happening.  Moving into a new home brought all kinds of valuable coupons and codes to our mailbox.  I’m not good at predicting what coupons I will or will not use, so I started a pile.  The pile grew.  As it grew, it began to resemble clutter.  Clutter and I DON’T GET ALONG.

coupon system not workingI know, it doesn’t look very cluttery but my piled-up system just wasn’t workin’ for me.  I kept forgetting what coupons were at the bottom of the stash and flipping through them to search for a particular one got annoying.  So, I picked up a mini binder at Target.

Mini Binder for Large Coupon OrganizationMy picture looks deceiving.  This little lady only measures approximately 7″ by 9″.  I also grabbed two packages of mini binder plastic pockets made by Avery.

Plastic Binder Pockets to store large couponsI sorted and arranged the large mailer coupons into my binder page pockets.  Now all those valuable coupons are at my fingertips.  Everything is easy to see and easy to retrieve.  No more digging through a pile.  On the days I’m running a bunch of errands, I toss the whole mini binder in my purse.

Easy to Retrieve Coupons from Binder Pockets

I taped the credit card sized coupons & codes to the inside cover so they wouldn’t get trapped at the bottom of a pocket page.  I may add a mini binder business card page to hold the credit card coupons, but for now I’ll see how my taped (and FREE) version works.

Large Coupons Organized

Ahhhh, much better.

Organized System for Large CouponsLinking up at Organize It! Linky Party

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  1. We have the same issue with store coupons received in the mail. I like how you taped the credit card sized ones on the inside of the binder. This helps eliminate having to flip through those to see which ones you currently have.

  2. I LOVE this! I have a nandymemoholder ( on my fridge, to hold all kinds of paper work. One of them I use for household coupons, mailer coupons…all coupons. But I’m having trouble remembering to check that spot and take them with me. I love this idea of a mini binder to hold them all and toss in my purse or car when we’re on our way out. Love it. I might have to steal it. Thank you!

    • Rachel says:

      That was the same trouble I had, remembering to check the stash of coupons… glad I’m not the only one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Happy the binder idea can be useful for you!
      Rachel recently posted…Back Porch LoveMy Profile

  3. Kristie says:

    Great idea!

  4. I’m using the same pockets for my planner binder. I love that I’m able to place those large coupons in them and I have everything with me, while doing errands no more looking around in my bag or forgetting them at home.

  5. Lesley Thompson

    I keep my fast food and restaurant coupons (and other places I normally stop at without having planned) in page protectors in the back of my planner. Granted I took bits and pieces of only what was useful to me from several sources, and use a 3 prong plastic folder. I tape the small coupons to a regular sheet of paper grouped by location. Hey, if I end up running through the BK drive through might as well save a few bucks.

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