Water, Enjoy It!

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I don’t drink enough water per day.  I try.  I get distracted.  I make other beverage choices.  I get bored with water.  I just don’t drink enough.

I know better.  I know roughly 70% of the human body is comprised of water.  I know water molecules are crucial to cellular function.  I know water is responsible for carrying nutrients to the body and harmful substances away from the cells.  I know I must improve my hydration.


Something clicked for me the other day and I started googling (word?) infused water recipes.  Perhaps flavored water (without sugar or commercial additives) would boost my agua intake?  Aaaand, it did!  I love the stuff.  I’m refreshed and better hydrated overall.

Enjoy Your Water @ UsefulBeautifulHome

I’ve been experimenting with the seemingly countless combinations.  I’m still looking for my top favorite recipe(s).  Usually, I just chop up whatever fruit I have on hand and wait to taste the outcome.  You can expect to see some water recipes added to my Pin Board.  🙂

I start with a 64 oz glass pitcher filled with filtered water (reverse osmosis to be exact).  I add my chopped, diced, or sliced fruit in the morning.  Done!  Pop it in the fridge and drink it over the course of the day.  Easiest trick I have regarding health.

I’ve noticed, it helps to toss in the chopped goodies a few hours before drinking, something about letting the flavors marinade.  Boy, is it refreshing on a hot day and I love having gourmet water to offer drop-in neighbors or guests!

This particular batch was made with apple, strawberry and lime.  The apples and strawberries act as natural sweeteners to compliment the lime.  It was good, but I used a little too much lime, giving it a strong citrus-y flavor.  A little goes a long way, my friends.  🙂


What a healthy alternative to most flavored drinks!  I mean truly healthy. Strawberries are (like most berries) a powerhouse of nutrition.  They rank towards the top of the list as being the most heart healthy foods to include in your diet.

You already know about apples… one a day keeps the doctor away.  🙂  But seriously, don’t underestimate the nutritional value of an apple.  Those little guys are packed with phytochemicals, antioxidants, flavonoids, and numerous other beneficial compounds.  (FYI; If you add apple to your water, be sure to add a citrus fruit to keep the apple slices from turning brown.)

When I researched limes, I was pleasantly surprised by what I didn’t know!  I read about health benefits that include everything from weight loss to urinary disorders.  Of course, I can’t forget the hallmark Vitamin C levels they boast too.

Heart Healthy Water

Isn’t that heart shaped strawberry the sweetest?!!  No Photoshop here people, I’m honestly not talented enough for that – lol!  Since this is summer and strawberries are still in season, check out these facts I dug up;

The health benefits of strawberries parallel those of walking. They help protect against heart disease, help regulate blood sugar and decrease risk of type 2 diabetes, plus reduce the risk of certain cancers such as breast, cervical, colon and esophageal.

…A cup of strawberries contains twice as much Vitamin C as an orange… They are a good source of manganese for a healthy heart and bones, fiber to lower blood pressure and curb overeating, and contain antioxidants known as polyphenols which reduce the risk of heart disease.

Infused_Water_to_increase_your_H2O_intakeI realize drinking the fruit via water doesn’t provide the fiber benefits of eating the fruits themselves.  However, I now drink more water, which was my original goal.  The unexpected bonus was the nutritional infusion I consume.  At the end of the day, I usually snack on the apples.  I suppose that addresses the fiber concern.  🙂

Last bonus I discovered, my daughter loves it just as much!  Yay!  I can keep her little body well hydrated during the hot months without using watered down juices or sweeteners.  Total Mommy score on this one!  🙂

I hope this inspires your water creativity.  If nothing else, give it a try over the weekend and see whatcha think.  Certainly can’t hurt to give your dehydrated cells some nutritionally boosted hydration!


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  1. Natalie T says:

    Cucumber slices is one my favorites. A little goes a long way though. I usually slice a cucumber really thin and put a slice in each section of an ice tray and then freeze them. I would put a cube in my cup at each refill. I never thought of putting it in a pitcher!

    • Rachel says:

      Freezing flavored ice cubes is another great idea! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I’ve been liking the cucumber water combinations too, but my 4 year old isn’t a fan. 🙂
      Rachel recently posted…Water, Enjoy It!My Profile

  2. How timely! We had our block party last weekend, and I made a fruit salsa (just diced pineapple and strawberries) and garnished it with slices of lime and lemon. When the salsa was gone, I ended up just setting the citrus slices in a juice glass. Later that day, I filled the glass with cold, filtered water, and was surprised at the yumminess. I’m not usually one to enjoy flavored or enhanced water — I’m a straight-up, over ice kind of gal. But this was a surprising change, and the kiddos liked it, too. Bonus!

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