DIY Christmas Garland

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Yikes, it’s December 1st and I have to get my Christmas posts published for you!  I know you’re as inundated as I am with Christmas eye candy.  From magazine stands to Pinterest feeds, you can’t escape the Christmas fever.  I tried to get creative with my blogging contribution, so I’ll be sharing another seasonal addition of Dollar Store Decor.  I’ll be posting inexpensive decorating ideas over the next several days.  I’m going with a classic red & gold color scheme this year.  I was fifty-fifty on red & gold versus red & turquoise.  As it turns out, the traditionalist in me made the decision. 🙂

DIY Christmas Garland

This is our first Christmas in our new home, which means I’ve spent some time arranging and rearranging Christmas decor for the right “fit”.  However, it didn’t take long to decorate my “mantel” shelves, which included this easy DIY garland… DIY paper garland Please know, I adapted the idea from Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage.  I saw her Easy Glitter Garland on Pinterest and made a few tweaks to fit my needs.  Below is her vertically hung garland.  Isn’t it a wintery beaut?!!

glitter-garlandI followed the same concept by using glitter scrapbook paper in red and gold…

using glitter scrapbook paper to make Christmas garlandThen, using my new birthday punch, I popped out a few circles.

circle punching for glittery garlandI found a 3 pack of baker’s twine (pictured below) on clearance at Michael’s.  I thought colored twine would add a little extra dimension rather than plain thread.  Plus, I’ll be able to use the turquoise twine in my after Christmas decor. 🙂

clearance baker's twineHonestly, I didn’t stress too much on this project, but I did take care to measure my twine length first so I wouldn’t create a garland strand too short on accident.  After that, I taped the circles onto the twine, starting in the center and working out (similar to what you read in my Fall Felt Garland tutorial) to ensure symmetry.  It’s hard to see the tape below, but you get the idea – all you need is a standard piece of tape to get the job done.

tape your paper garland onto baker's twineI spaced my circles apart using a puzzle piece.  Yes, very technical here people, very technical. 🙂

use any object to measure distance between circles on your garland strandThey need to be double sided circles.  At first I didn’t think it necessary, but when I hung the garland, the circles twisted on themselves and showed the white backsides instead of the pretty glittery fronts.  I found hot glue as the easiest method for adding a back circle.  I’m really not that patient when it comes to projects, so a glob of hot glue in the center of each one holds both circle sides together without taking more than a few seconds to dry.

making double sided glittery paper garlandIt helps to hold the twine taut, kinda like you see below, for a brief moment while the glue dries.  Doing this keeps the twine from bunching up between the circles and shortening your garland length.

hold the baker's twine taut while glue driesI really love the simplicity of this garland and the Christmas cheer it adds to my shelves.  Below is a wider view of the strands.  I’m pretty happy with the results.  In fact, I had to refrain from stringing my new glitter garland all around the house.  Now that I’ve discovered the simplicity of adding glittery embellishments, every standing object in my home is fair game for decorating.

Make your own glittery Christmas garland - simple and cheap!Hint, hint – I’m not finished showing pictures of that wreath you see, so stay tuned. 😉  Merry December 1st!


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