Easy Fix for Organizing Headbands

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Children have some of the most creative minds.  I love how they think outside the box.  My daughter did exactly that a few months ago with her headbands.

How to Organize and Display Headbands

I was struggling to find an organized solution for her massive pile of headbands.  They didn’t need to be purged because she honestly wears them all.  Most of them were gifts and she can tell you exactly who gave her each one.  I didn’t feel right about insisting she get rid of some.  So, I set to work looking for a storage option.  At first, I put them all in a drawer but that quickly turned into a tangled mess.

An easy way to organize headbands

Next, I searched Pinterest, but couldn’t find anything that stood out to me.  One day, I walked into a room where I had left an empty vase on a table and this is what I found…


My daughter had hooked a few headbands around the edge.  While I would love to say I came up with a creative display, I can’t because it never crossed my mind.  A 5-year-old gets all the credit for this one.  I did participate a little since it was my idea to spray paint the vase pink for an extra girlie touch. 🙂


She prefers headbands at this age and is starting to out-grow the use of bows.  However, I keep a handful for special occasions.  The inside of the headband vase is a perfect place to stash the few hair bows I convince her to wear from time to time.

Tuck hairbows inside headband holder

Now we have a pretty headband holder that my daughter can claim ownership.  In addition, it helps her work on the skills of independence and color-matching when getting dressed for the day.  Pretty + organized + functional = a perfect solution (and a happy Mama). 🙂


What about you?  Do you have other clever ideas for organizing little girl hair accessories?

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  1. Love this idea! I remember struggling with headbands as I was growing up myself. While my girls are still too young for them, I know it’s coming. Do you have any cute ideas for storing bows? Right now they are all thrown into a drawer. My aunt did make them this hanger with strings coming off of it and then you could put the bows on it, but it’s not that pretty. Thanks for any ideas!

  2. OMG – I NEEEEEED this in my life – headbands are taking over!!! Thanks!

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