Organizing Painful Memorabilia

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It’s not often I write about the personal side of my life.  I try to keep UBH light hearted and helpful.  I prefer to make this space enjoyable to read while savoring a cup of joe.  Energized by caffeine and motivated by my blog posts, you head off to tackle the next project of cleaning/organizing/decorating in your own home – yep, that’s my aim here.

How to Organize Painful Memorabilia

I changed things up a bit this past weekend.  I shared something written in vulnerability and was surprised by the tender response of many readers.  As foreign as it was to put out there, I knew someone could benefit from what I decided to write for I’m an Organizing Junkie this past Saturday.  If that piques your interest, click HERE to read about Organizing Painful Memorabilia.

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  1. I LOVED that you shared on this. It is such an important topic. I am sure many benefitted by your open and honest story.

  2. Great topic. My mother has made quilts out clothes the held many memories. Has been a great way to keep items, still use them or display, but not fill up your house.

  3. Just re-read this, now having been in the position discussed here, and it meant so much more this time around. I need to take pictures….I like that idea. Thankyou for being so transparent to help others of us see ways to remember.

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