Kitchen Command Center Reveal

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You may have read bits and pieces I’ve shared about my newly designed kitchen command center.  Today I’ll give an actual overview of how it’s layout is functional for us and then finish highlighting the individual details throughout the rest of the week.

BUT, it won’t be part of tomorrow’s post, because if you remember… I’ll be co-hosting with the gals at 11 Magnolia Lane and have an entirely different organized goodie to share there!  Sorry to bop you around so much from topic to topic – typically blog parties are planned way in advance, so I couldn’t help the way my projects collided this time.

Cheerful Kitchen Command Center

Starting at the top, I keep my three painted clipboards in a row.  They each serve as lists, specific and very different lists.  The left side holds my easy DIY multiple lists for multiple shopping trips (written about HERE).  This has been around for a while and is VERY helpful to me.  It’s a project I made many moons ago and is still going strong.

Absolutely the best way to organize multiple shopping trips around town!

The center board posts the week’s meal schedule (as talked about HERE).  And the right clipboard keeps scrap paper that I’ll be sharing soon at OrgJunkie (I promise you will love this thrifty organizing idea!).

Painted clipboards organize this colorful command center

The middle section keeps file folders of all things important when it comes to paper.

Hanging file folder keeps all the important stray papers in check!

Again, I’ll be showing more details about file prioritization later this week.

Cute and functional command center

To the right of my wall mounted file folder is a calendar I framed.  I painted it in coordinating fashion at the same time I learned how not to paint a clipboard.

DIY framed calendar to match command center

The bottom third of my command center is child-focused.  I wrote about it in detail HERE, which was my most recent contribution at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  This row is child-height and child-focused, specifically for our back-to-school preparation.  I wanted a place for morning routine accountability and a resource list of age-appropriate household “jobs”.

Let’s be real here for just a moment… if I had more children running around (and those plans are in the works), then I would line up more clipboards with morning routine checklists – a.k.a. one for each kiddie.  So, if you’re copying my command station, by all means, line up the charts to however you’ve been blessed with children (and then say a prayer of thanks for their little lives). 🙂

Child's responsibilities at the bottom of a family command center

Our Kitchen Command Center is tucked away across from the pantry.  It’s down a tiny back hall near the laundry room.  That said, I thought it a perfect place to add a cheerful color scheme to a typically un-cheerful display of lists, duties, and responsibilities.  I’m more of a neutral decorator, but this area could absorb the color in my opinion.

Kitchen Command Center stays cheerful when color coordinated

My last tid-bit to offer involves decorating around permanent objects (light switches, thermostat controls, etc.).  I had an awkward empty space below the calendar because of the light switch placement.  So, what better than to create a little fun bunting to keep in theme with a cheerful command center?  It was a happy answer to a strange interruption in the command center.  Now the area looks purposeful.

Add coordinating bunting if you have awkward spaces caused by permanent fixtures (such as light switches)

Last shot at a different angle so you can see part of the kitchen and the doorway to the left, where the laundry room is located.  Oh, and you can also see that even the family dog visits this spot throughout the day for food and water. 😉

Kitchen Command Center out of the way but central to family activities

There’s my colorful Command Center in entirety.  Don’t forget to visit again tomorrow for my co-hosting event and then later in the week for the rest of the details within this mini central station!

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  1. I love it! I need to have one on my kitchen.
    Max Arthur recently posted…myTonicMy Profile

  2. Your command center is adorable! I LOVE all of the bright colors. Ahh….you are ready for fall my dear!
    Morgan recently posted…Label Crafter Website – ReviewMy Profile

    • Thanks Morgan! I may be ready for school… not sure I’m ready for fall, lol. Summer went by twice as fast this year because of our move.

  3. I have been looking all over for some ideas that suite my style and I finally FOUND it! This is absolutely AMAZING and exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for your inspiration!!! It’s perfect! I just found your blog through a Google search on kitchen command centers, so I’ve never been to your blog before, but your style seems very similar to mine, I’m going to have to bookmark your blog! 🙂 Would you mind sharing more information about it? Like, where did you find the mail pocket that is posted on the double file bin? And do you have a post that tells exactly how to paint the clipboards? And I think in this post you mentioned you’re planning on sharing more about the file & paper organization? I’ll keep watching for that! 🙂 Thank you again! I love it when things are neat, clean, colorful and very organized, but I am still learning on how to, where to start, and what I want it to look like in the end, things like that. Thank you again! So glad I found you!

    • Hi Sydnee and welcome! I’m so glad you stop in and left such a kind & thorough comment! Yes, I wrote about painting the clipboards, just follow the link directly below or copy and paste it into your browser search bar.

      I will post more details about my Command Center, so thank you for asking! In that upcoming post I will have all the info you’re requesting with links, but it’s not easy to attach them here in the comment section. You can expect to see all the answers to your questions before this weekend is over, so please do hurry back soon!

      Don’t forget to sign up by email and get my posts delivered directly into your inbox to make life easier on you!

  4. Rachel, Where did you buy the white “File folder Holder”?

  5. How did you get the clipboards to stay up on the wall?

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