About Me

To be honest, my least favorite part about having a blog is the need to have an “about me” page.  More than describing myself, I’d much rather talk about you, but, I’m aware that you navigated to this page for a reason, so I can only assume you’d like to know a little more about who started this blog. So…..

My name is Rachel, I’m married to Ryan, and our daughter is Elliana.  Nice to meet you!

The Family Photo
I enjoy reading informative books and articles (but barely have time); to me, baking is a hobby, but cooking is a task; I love a good challenge; I’m rather persistent until a problem is resolved; my favorite restaurant is a locally owned French bistro; my superhero power would be rescuing toys lodged behind the sofa or TV console; I love a quatrefoil design, and would quatrefoil the outside of my house if my Hubby agreed (he didn’t, so I quatrefoiled my blog background instead!); and I have a secret obsession with collecting mugs.  Those are some basic, and some fun extras; now for the core thing that birthed the blog.

If I had to define myself with one word, it would be altruistic.  I’ve spent the last 10 years as a Registered Nurse helping and serving others compassionately.   Greater than my passion for the healthcare industry, though, is my desire to create a warm and loving environment for my family.

Stemming from my educational background, I often find myself analyzing household tasks from a medical perspective (like the healthiest way to store your toothbrush, or organizing to meet your children’s developmental stages).   It’s the way my brain is hardwired.  Think of it like Martha Stewart on drugs. NO WAIT; that doesn’t sound right!  How about Martha Stewart with a nursing degree?  Can’t you just see her color coordinating bandages with the hospital gowns?

Joking aside, I hope that this blog will be a place where we can tackle the organizing, decorating, or cooking challenges you encounter in your home.  My goal is to share what I’ve implemented in my home to inspire you with fresh ideas and to encourage you to keep up the good work in yours!