Recycled Wall Decor Using Target Dollar Spot Bins

Well, I’ve decided to do some decorating in our new home.  It’s about time, considering we’ve been living here for almost a year now!

I used four metal containers in my previous pantry to organize snacks.  They’re a gunmetal gray color (pictured below) and came from Target for about $3 each.

Dollar bin from Target

I organized completely different in our new pantry, so these bins found themselves chilling in my donation pile.  One day I looked at this awkward blank spot between our back door and a window when inspiration hit… free bins + blank wall = decor opportunity!

Easy Dollar Bin Decor from Target

They’re surprisingly sturdy for displaying knick-knacks.  The metal mesh bottom allowed us to squeeze a screw through in the two upper corners.  I plan to use them heavily, so my husband also used an anchor in the drywall.

Dollar bins from Target hung on wall by screwing through the mesh opening.

If you like the look, I know Target still sells these containers from time to time in their dollar bin section at the front of most stores.

Ikea and Target make great decorating combos!


Dollar bins from Target turned into wall decor


Trendy and Cheap decorating at!!!

Free & easy decorating… can’t get much better than that!

Target, oh Target, you are my favorite place for home decor, especially your $3 items!

Happy beginning of the weekend y’all!  I’m posting at OrgJunkie tomorrow (I’ll share the link once it goes live) and I’ll have my promised Norwex post up-and-running tomorrow too.  Wahoo, can’t wait to share!


Introducing the BEST Way to Clean!

Do you follow me on Facebook?  If so, then you may have already watched the video I made and posted there a few days ago.  I have a new love for cleaning and it’s all thanks to my Norwex cleaning products!  Next week, I’ll find time to post more about the {many} reason why I’m in love.

For now, just watch the difference between a regular cotton cloth and a Norwex EnviroCloth while I cleaned my daughter’s crayon scribbles off our coffee table.  In the short video below, you’ll see how much time I saved on one simple crayon mark and then imagine that times hundreds of ways all over your house!

I know, I know – my videography has a lot of room for improvement (lol).  But I think that’s what I love most about you guys… seeing my transparency and being gracious to accept my flaws alongside the rest of me. 🙂  I appreciate every one of you!!!

Stay tuned for more next week!  I’m bubbling with excitement about the BEST way to clean in an environmentally friendly fashion.  Happy weekend Friends!  xoxoxo


8 Organizing Trends that are FREE!

Hi guys.  I added another post to my organizing repertoire at  Hop on over HERE and check it out! 🙂

8 Organizing Trends that are FREE


Easy Energy Bites and No Oats!

I don’t post recipes often because it’s not my focal point.  However, I will share the occasional recipe that really jumps out at me or is a home run in our family.  This recipe is just that.  In fact, every time I make these amazing Energy Bites for guests, the whole batch gets eaten within hours.  I now make a double batch each time because they go so fast!

Energy Bites

The ingredients are simple.  I use an allergy friendly version of the crispy cereal and the mini chocolate chips (THIS is the brand we like!), which is how I can call these snacks dairy free, soy free, egg free, and gluten free.  If you substitute standard mini chocolate chips or regular krispie cereal, you will no longer have a completely allergy friendly product, so please keep that in mind!


6 simple ingredients make the most yummy, protein-packed snack.  This is a recipe I found online through my new favorite food blogger, $5 Dollar Dinners.  Erin, the talent responsible for $ has an amazing ability to combine healthy food with low budget prices.  When I say amazing, I mean Uh-Maze-ING!  She’s a mom-chef with a knack for the perfect trifecta in the kitchen; healthy meals, delicious taste, and budget friendly recipes.  Since we’re tightening the budget for our upcoming adoption, her website is a huge resource for me as executive chef in our household. 🙂


Hoping not to frustrate you, I must send you to her website (CLICK HERE) to read the directions, scroll down towards the bottom until you see the recipe.  Google traffic is funny like that and I want to give her FULL credit for her hard work.  I’ll be posting more about Erin and her talents, so keep an ear out for other helpful tips I’ve learned from her website.

These are the ingredients you’ll need to get started…

Krispie Cereal (gluten free if desired)

Peanut Butter


Shredded Coconut Flakes


Mini Chocolate Chips (HERE if you need allergy friendly)


What I love most about this recipe is that it doesn’t use raw oats as the foundation like so many energy bite recipes do.  I’m not a fan of raw oats as they have anti-nutrients in them harmful to our digestion.

For this recipe, I use my trusty cookie dough scoop after mixing up a double batch.


However you scoop them out, it’s best to pack them a little tight so that they don’t fall apart.  One leveled flat glob of no-bake “dough” in my cookie scoop is the perfect size for us.


Pop it out and roll it into a ball.


It’s a very easy recipe and a great one to involve little kitchen helpers if you’ve got one or two kiddos around the house!  Mix everything up, scoop into portions, and roll into shape.  If you serve them to company, they may disappear before you can get the mixing bowl washed and put away.  I eat my fair share along the way too, so it may not be all related to company. 🙂

I have served these about half a dozen times to different families, some picky & others not, and everyone has LOVED them.  Not a single child told me “no thanks”, which is pretty impressive considering it’s a relatively healthy snack food compared to most other convenient options.  I’ve even taken them on Spring Break without any problems (used a cooler and ice to keep them fresh).  The kids ate them at the pool for a quick energy refuel.  My next endeavor is to take them on vacation with us when we travel to see my family.  I have no doubt these will be a big hit with the nieces and nephews!





33 Ways to Organize with Door Space

Hi there!  I know everyone who follows me doesn’t necessarily follow I’m an Organizing Junkie (although I highly recommend her blog!), so I’ll share the links today to the most recent mini-series I contributed for her.

I rounded up 33 different ways to use household doors for more organization and/or storage space.  Basically, it’s a giant list from around the web but I find it motivational to see so many creative ideas!  Click on the link below each picture to go directly to the post.  The first link is about storing disposable cleaning gloves but the other three links are about door organization.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Using the inside of cabinet doors to hang a box of cleaning gloves

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15 Ways to Get Organized with Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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11 Ways to Get Organized with BATHROOM Cabinet Doors

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7 More Ways to Get Organized Using Doors

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