Organizing a Top-Freezer

Happy weekend!

This past week I worked on organizing my friend’s top-freezer in her kitchen.  It was a blast, probably because friendship – and children playing together nicely – makes any project go by quickly.

Organizing the Top Freezer

I spent two afternoons with her and a few trips to one of my favorite stores, The Container Store.  I hadn’t been there in a while and if I wasn’t focused on finishing Mollie’s freezer, I may have gotten swept away in their giant Spring Organization Sale going on now.  But I remained strong (ha!) and powered through.

If you’re looking to organize a top-freezer, then please click HERE to read all about my endeavors at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  You’ve gotta go check out the “before” and “after” photos.  I think the final outcome turned out great!

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention a great big huge thank you to Mollie!  She let me snap photos of her unorganized freezer, post them on the world wide web, and then rearrange all her freezer contents.  It’s hard to be so vulnerable with a “trouble spot”.  But, we all have ‘em and I thank Mollie for sharing hers!  I also have to thank her for making the yummiest batch of red velvet cookies to enjoy after our hard work.  I only had one, but I could have eaten the whole batch if I weren’t being polite. :)

Red Velvet cookies

This organizing was brought to you by YOU!  It never hurts to make a request.  I wouldn’t have thought to organize a top-freezer because I don’t own one.  Thanks to a few friendly comments at on my last two freezer posts (HERE and HERE), I was able to present another freezer addition in my mini series.  So, please continue to mention your thoughts as they are a great resource to draw from!  Who knows, maybe you’ll be my next organizing victim project. :)


Simple Spice Organization

Happy Hump Day!  I have another lovely post from my sweet friend, Morgan.  If you need a little organizing motivation to tackle your spice cabinet, then look no further!  She has some awesome tips to share and many beautiful pictures to bring you an extra dose of spicy inspiration.  My favorite tip she shares is identifying the expiration date, so read below to find out more!  


Organizing can be simple, I promise.

Today I’m sharing with you how to do a quick organizing project. (The best kind because you get instant results!) This is the sort of project you can even do while cooking dinner. I love to multi task (appropriately) and get little things done in the midst of my other daily activities.

So next time you are whipping up a meal, take this simple project and run with it! It’ll put some spice back into your life! (*Note that it’s a three-part project but each part shouldn’t take more than about 15 minutes.)


Part One: Clean, Inventory and make a Shopping List.

Pull all of your spices out and evaluate which spices need to be replenished and which spices you need to toss. Here is a “before” picture of my spices that needed some attention. Curious how I organize my spices? You can see my plan of attack over here.


Check expiration dates and also be realistic about holding on to spices that you have had forever, but never actually use. Also be sure to clean and wipe down the containers, trays and cupboards.


Here were three spices that I had not used in over a year. They were unopened. Following my philosophy of less IS more, I donated them to our food drive at church (they were still within their expiration dates.) There is just no need to keep things you don’t use.

As you are going through and taking inventory, make a list of all of the essential spices that you need to buy.

Part Two: Shop for your new spices.

Be sure to only stock up and replenish the spices that you use regularly and check the expiration dates too.


Part Three: Restock and Organize.

When I brought my new spices home I added a bright-colored sticker with the expiration date on the spice bottles. Just to help me in the future as I rotate and refill things. (Most spices have an expiration date, if you are not sure here is a great resource that will help give you more info on the shelf life for spices.)



I have a lot of containers that I re-fill so I use this storage box to hold my “extras.” It works really well. I make sure to check here before I make a shopping list. It’s my spicy backstock. :)


I used some of my extra containers from my teacher gifts to hold my extra salt and pepper. I was amazed at how much room I gained by cleaning things up! Ahhhh….the feeling of order.

Here are the trays in all of their awesomeness. (I have also recently separated my sweet and savory spices.)




And the overview…




Simple right?

And now you’ll be stocked up with your spices for all of those upcoming recipes. Mark this on your calendar and try to do this every six months. It will minimize running out of spices when you need them. Also be sure to be discerning with the spices that you buy. (I often will omit a spice for a new recipe just because I don’t want to invest in an uncommon spice for a recipe that I’m not even sure about.)

What’s your favorite spice?

I’m a curry girl. (It’s what makes my Yumm sauce so fantastic!)  


Morgan is the energetic and motivated, but also realistic girl, behind Morganize with Me. She specializes in Personal Organizing and Personal Training via Virtual Consulting. Her mission is to share tried and true techniques that she hopes will encourage her readers and clients as they focus on their health and homes. She believes in simplifying, prioritizing, and measuring progress one day at a time.


Still looking for more spice organizing tips and tricks?  Then click HERE to read about making a traveling spice rack for your upcoming vacation.  Who knew your cooking spices could be such a spicy hot topic? 

And to answer your question, Morgan, my favorite go-to spice is basil. :)



Playing Catch-Up

Oh my goodness dear friends!  Oh. My. Goodness!  I’ve been swamped behind the scenes here at UBH and haven’t touched my site in days.  It’s been a mix of unexpected out-of-town traveling, personal grieving from my sweet Grandmother’s recent passing away (yes, that has been very difficult), and a bunch of secrets I can’t wait to share with you!  But, the secrets have to wait a little longer.  There are some serious changes on the immediate horizon but I just can’t talk about it quite yet.  I’m about to burst at the seams.  Anyone else terrible at keeping fun secrets???  Every Christmas I nearly go crazy not sharing my gifts until the 25th.  :)

So…. there’s much to talk about and nothing to say right now.  A few weeks and I’ll be spilling the beans but for now, please know that I’m busy beyond the imaginable.  I practically fall into bed exhausted every night from busy days getting things “done”.  On the bright side, I have loads and loads of picture ammo and organizing/decorating posts brewing in my WordPress files.  Can’t wait to show you!

I’m here, I’m alive, and I have a couple posts for you to catch-up on at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  I forgot to mention my latest two contributions, both about organizing a kitchen side-by-side freezer.  Click the 2 separate links below to read…

Freezer Fix for Empty Spaces

Use this trick to fill the empty gaps and spaces between shelves in your freezer

Upright Freezer Organization Tips

Freezer Organizing Tips

Thanks for stickin’ around my Friends!  You make my days brighter and give me reason to keep blogging despite the crazy days!  Thank you!




Easy Fix for Organizing Headbands

Children have some of the most creative minds.  I love how they think outside the box.  My daughter did exactly that a few months ago with her headbands.

How to Organize and Display Headbands

I was struggling to find an organized solution for her massive pile of headbands.  They didn’t need to be purged because she honestly wears them all.  Most of them were gifts and she can tell you exactly who gave her each one.  I didn’t feel right about insisting she get rid of some.  So, I set to work looking for a storage option.  At first, I put them all in a drawer but that quickly turned into a tangled mess.

An easy way to organize headbands

Next, I searched Pinterest, but couldn’t find anything that stood out to me.  One day, I walked into a room where I had left an empty vase on a table and this is what I found…


My daughter had hooked a few headbands around the edge.  While I would love to say I came up with a creative display, I can’t because it never crossed my mind.  A 5-year-old gets all the credit for this one.  I did participate a little since it was my idea to spray paint the vase pink for an extra girlie touch. :)


She prefers headbands at this age and is starting to out-grow the use of bows.  However, I keep a handful for special occasions.  The inside of the headband vase is a perfect place to stash the few hair bows I convince her to wear from time to time.

Tuck hairbows inside headband holder

Now we have a pretty headband holder that my daughter can claim ownership.  In addition, it helps her work on the skills of independence and color-matching when getting dressed for the day.  Pretty + organized + functional = a perfect solution (and a happy Mama). :)


What about you?  Do you have other clever ideas for organizing little girl hair accessories?


Organizing Painful Memorabilia

It’s not often I write about the personal side of my life.  I try to keep UBH light hearted and helpful.  I prefer to make this space enjoyable to read while savoring a cup of joe.  Energized by caffeine and motivated by my blog posts, you head off to tackle the next project of cleaning/organizing/decorating in your own home – yep, that’s my aim here.

How to Organize Painful Memorabilia

I changed things up a bit this past weekend.  I shared something written in vulnerability and was surprised by the tender response of many readers.  As foreign as it was to put out there, I knew someone could benefit from what I decided to write for I’m an Organizing Junkie this past Saturday.  If that piques your interest, click HERE to read about Organizing Painful Memorabilia.