Labeling Party Stemware with Washi Tape

Heads up, Friends!  I have another organizing post for ya over at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  This time I’m talking about the world’s easiest way to label drinks for a party or holiday gathering (aside from writing on plastic cups with a Sharpie).

Washi Tape Stemware Labels

It also happens to be the cheapest glass marker/label/charm I can find.  Each festive stemware label is less than a penny!  In fact, you could probably tag all your stemmed glasses for less than a penny using this simple trick.

Hopefully you’ll find this timely for Thanksgiving Day and the Christmas parties thereafter.  Wishing you a lovely weekend to enjoy with those you treasure most!




Dear Mothers… When Organization Seems Impossible

Good morning!  I’m geared up to accomplish much this weekend before November is the same vapor that October has turned into.  The cool breeze that has finally swept through middle Florida has invigorated me to tackle the to-do list, but that’s not always the case.  For those with young children, somedays are busy enough prior to the project list… meals & shopping & potty training & spilled milk & jelly smeared fingerprints & on and on I could go.  But wait, what am I saying?  You don’t need that reminder, you’re living it right now!

Dear Mothers... When Organization Seems Impossible

To you, sweet Mamas, I have dedicated a post.  To you, sweet homemakers, I have shared some personal thoughts.  Your days are filled with a higher calling and I’ve written a small collection of words that I pray minister to your heart.

I blog for several reasons and one is to encourage others; what I wrote HERE for I’m an Organizing Junkie is my virtual hug of compassion.  It’s not theologically deep (as that is not my working relationship with but it’s something I’ve covered in prayer, hoping to realign perspective for even just one exhausted Mama.  Head on over (or click HERE) if you’re needing an extra dose of encouragement this weekend!  (Please share the article too, if you know a friend or two who would benefit!)


Fall Coffee Station & Decoration

I have a terrible habit of welcoming people into my home and then forgetting to offer them a drink.  It’s either a mental block or early dementia but it’s ridiculous!  So, I created a permanent drink station on my kitchen island and then tweak the decorating details with each new season.

Beautiful beverage station on her counter top decorated for Fall

I’m not joking when I say, I could literally serve a five-course meal to guests and completely forget about offering a beverage to them.  Thankfully, my husband and now even my daughter are quick to make this most basic gesture of hospitality.  Because of those two, no one leaves here parched.  However, my side-kicks aren’t always around when I have company in the kitchen.

That said, I created this very obvious drink station smack in the center of the kitchen to act as a visual reminder.  Literally, it’s a visual aid for me.  If I still fail to inquire about what my guest would prefer to drink, the drink station picks up the slack by becoming a conversation piece.  Once the conversation starts, a light turns on and my mental block is hurdled long enough for me to say, “what can I get you to drink?”

Beautiful beverage station on her counter top

It’s silly, but I get caught up in the many details of hostessing and forget the most basic of all needs and one of life’s most simple comforts – water (or coffee, or what-have-you).  After all, everyone is more comfortable making small talk while holding a cup of something liquid and then taking a sip during the conversation pauses.

Enough about my hostessing faux pas and let’s get on to the details.  Here’s my countertop display.  I splurged on the Pottery Barn galvanized stand after seeing this beautiful display from Stone Gable years ago.  My seasonal “fillings” are usually something inexpensive and/or whatever I have on hand.

coffee or tea fall drink station

Speaking of inexpensive “fillings”, part of my Dollar Store Decor fall mantel shelves include a little banner I printed on fake leaves (this tutorial coming soon per your reader request!).  The $1 package of leaves came with so many, I had more than enough for scattering around the bottom of each tier wherever I found a blank space.  They are surprisingly noticeable and festive at the same time!

Dollar Store Decor on Fall drink station

My goal of this station is to have everything one would want for coffee or tea, except the creamer.  I keep that in the refrigerator for obvious reasons.

The bottom tier, in front, holds a sugar bowl of organic sugar, which has an off-white color tinge that adds to my rustic Fall colors.  There is also a little shaker of cinnamon for the deluxe coffee drinkers.  Stir spoons rest inside the creamer pitcher.  Finally, behind those few essentials is a mason jar filled with candy corn for added Fall flare.

fall drink vignette

My favorite embellishments are the “gimme some sugar” spoons that rest inside the creamer jar.

gimme some sugar spoons for drink station

I mean, how cute are these?!!  I may stash a few away for this year’s stocking stuffers!  I also have my eye on the “just brew it” spoon for stirring our french press coffee every morning.  AND, they’re on sale right now… honey are you reading this ginormous gift hint I’m sharing?!! 😉

gimme some sugar tea spoons

The mugs I’ve had for years and years and years.  I bring them out each Fall for a little seasonal color change.  I don’t usually keep different colors of dishes according to the season; that involves a little more effort than I care to devote to plates and mugs.  However, these happen to be an original set of mugs from our early marriage years, so I decided to put them on display since they match the autumn theme.

fall mugs

On the back side of the stand holds more mason jars, each filled with a different variety of tea.  Obviously, the coffee pot or my french press doesn’t fit on the stand.  They’re off to the side, where you can’t see them in this picture.

indivdiually wrapped tea bags in glass jars

I picked up a few galvanized jars from the dollar spot at Target for my tea canisters.

galvanized lids mix well with other metal colors on this fall drink stand

You’ll notice I didn’t have trouble mixing metal types.  Galvanized or gold (seen in the background above), it doesn’t matter.  In fact, I’m reading and seeing trends of metal mixing all over the decor world.  I’m all for this concept!  I like to think that using what I have is on par with style; but even if it isn’t, I would still display out of gratitude.  So, don’t be afraid of metal and texture mixing my friends!

drink station

Finally, I used a $1 glitter leaf from the Dollar Tree as a “topper” to my drink station.  It ties the theme together lovely without a huge investment.

fall drink station using Dollar Store Decor

It was shorter than I wanted, so I hot glued it to an upside down plastic ice-cream cup (shown below). Then I hid the yellow cup with a few flowers tucked around the base.

hot glue and an upside down plastic cup boost this piece of fall decor on a beverage station

prop hiding on a fall drink stand

Hiding the details makes it all the more pretty without any cost investment (faux flowers I already had too).

fall drink station using Dollar Store Decor

Finally, I put a bowl of fresh fruit on the side mostly because I couldn’t find any place better in my kitchen, but I’ve grown to like this addition.  It’s on the bottom tier and is at the perfect height for my six-year-old to be reminded of healthy alternatives for snack time. :)

brilliant idea to use fresh fruit on coffee or tea bar

So, whatcha think?  Anyone can make a drink station out of anything, if inclined.  We have friends that dedicated an entire drink zone in their kitchen/dining room that is more than inviting.  It’s all about using the space you have and filling it with things you love or need.  In my case, I love coffee & tea but also need a reminder to offer a beverage to company.  Win, win!  Making things useful and beautiful, this time to improve my hospitality skills. :)

Speaking of coffee (read that as Starbucks)…


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Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway from the Birthday Girl!

October is birthday month around here.  I count 6 people in our family that have birthdays in October, and 3 of them are in my immediate household – my hubby, my girlie, and me.  Now that’s cause for celebration and you’re included!

Happy Birthday Starbucks Giveaway from

In honor of my birthday, which I celebrated yesterday (Oct. 23rd), I’m giving away a Starbucks gift card to one UBH reader.  This is my gift to you, no sponsorship or promotional strings attached.  I decided on a Starbucks card because it’s my personal fave to receive and I am the birthday girl for at least another week. 😉

Joking aside, it’s just a little way to say thank you for supporting me by following along, commenting, pinning, linking back, and love!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Oh, and in case you’re wondering… I’m turning 28… for the eighth time. 😉


Dollar Store Decor – $2 Leaf “Wreath”

It’s Fall, y’all!  Yessir, my calendar says that today marks the official beginning of Autumn!

I have the decorating bug but have one small problem… our garage contains the last remains of moving boxes that have yet to be unpacked, most of which is my seasonal decor.  Somewhere in that mini mountain awaits my front door Fall wreath but I have no desire to tackle outdoor boxes in 90 degree Florida heat.  So, I decided to make a replacement; a new front door Leaf “Wreath” that only cost me 2 bucks yet adds the perfect welcoming touch.  Small problem fixed in a festive way!

Dollar Store Decor - $2 Door Leaf Wreath

I picked up an orange felt leaf from The Dollar Tree and a roll of their wire-edged leaf patterned ribbon.  I forgot to snap a “before picture, so I’m using these below that I took with my cell phone in the store (enter apology for terrible quality photos but I had to have a visual for ya).  You can see the felt leaf-shaped placemat thingy on the left and the ribbon I used for this project on the right.

Use these $1 items to create a welcoming front door Leaf Wreath

First, let’s talk about the bow.  Keeping the print facing out, I did a simple loop back and forth a few times with one long piece until it looked about right, nothing overly technical.  It took a couple attempts until I found the right length that seemed size-appropriate to the leaf.  Again, more apologies for the photo quality, this was done at night when my Little was asleep (after bedtime is the best DIY time, am I right?).  I promise better pictures are coming, keep reading! 😉

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-1

Here’s where things get even easier, I cut the excess ribbon and cinched my bow together with masking tape.  I know, it’s not Etsy quality, but it works just fine. 😉

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-3

I ended up using the entire roll of ribbon, because I looped another piece around the center to hide the masking tape and give my bow tails.  This takes a little extra manipulation to get the knot hidden on the backside of the bow while keeping the pattern side on the tails facing forward, but it is possible.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-4

I trimmed the bottom of my ribbon by folding it in half (print side facing out).

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-5

And then cut on a diagonal up towards the bow, like this…

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-6

So that the ends looked a little more like this…

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-7

Before I attached the bow to the leaf, I slid a piece of yarn (but any ribbon/thread/string would work) through the knot on the back, see pic below.  This will ultimately create a “hook” for hanging your Leaf Wreath on the door.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-8

Now, grab your felt leaf and slide both ends of the yarn through one of the top slits in the leaf pattern as shown below.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-9

Stick with me here; next, you will bring the yarn back to the front side by going over the stem and letting the yarn rest closely on either side of the stem (below shows how I did this, but is pictured from the front side).  You can see my yarn threads through the top slit to the backside of the leaf then comes up over the stem again to the frontside.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-10

Now, taking both pieces together, push them right through the middle of what you did in the first yarn step.  Below I pulled my bow back to better show a visual, but you’ll want to keep this nice and tight after threading through to the back.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-11

Okay, so we just made a secure loop starting with the bow and looping around the leaf top.  Now all you do is knot the two yarn pieces together being careful to leave yourself enough room as a “hook” for wherever you plan to hang this.  I knotted it several times and then trimmed the excess.  As long as the tied yarn pieces remain shorter than the stem, it doesn’t matter what your knot looks like because it should stay hidden.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-13

My leaf wreath is for the front door, so the bow needed more support than a piece of yarn.  I didn’t really want the bow flopping every time we open & close the front door.  So, I used a glue gun to adhere the bow’s center right onto the felt leaf.

It’s not necessary to glue all the loops of the bow to the leaf, just the center knotted piece is good enough, assuming you use a good sized glob of hot glue.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-12

You could stop here and have a welcoming piece of fall decor to hang wherever you want.  It should look like this…

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-14

BUT, I thought it seemed a little too plain.  So, I grabbed regular glue from my daughter’s art stash, a mini paintbrush, and burnt-orange glitter used on my last project (CLICK HERE for that tutorial).

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-15

Using the glue, outline around the edge of the leaf.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-16

Then, use the paintbrush to flatted the glue down because I didn’t like the raised “puffy paint” style (or don’t, it’s your style preference and your leaf).

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-17

Cover with glitter and let dry!

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-19

Don’t forget to bling the stem.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-18

And just like that, our original plain felt leaf is transformed to a welcoming Leaf Wreath.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-24

Some glitter ended up clinging to the felt even without glue, but I left it because it looks purposeful, a happy accident so to speak.  If you don’t like it, you can always shake it off once the glued spots are completely dry.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-23

I can’t show it hanging on my front door yet, because I’m scheduled in October to show my front porch.  However, this gives you a sneak peak and shows how simple and inexpensive Fall decorating can be.

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-21

Sometimes I have trouble separating myself from the commercialism of social media and all the pricy ways to decorate for each season.  BUT, when I can add something this cheerful and eye-catching for only TWO DOLLARS; well then, that’s a bargain I can handle and a creative outlet for my DIY side.

So, whether you want a fresh update from last year’s decorations or you can’t find your seasonal items buried in moving boxes (haha) this Leaf “Wreath” is sure to get you in the mood for Fall!

$2 Front Door Leaf Wreath-22

Oh, and below is a Pin-able reminder for coming back later to this DIY project because I know how busy everyone gets this time of year!

Dollar Store Decor - DIY $2 Leaf Wreath