We Simply Must Catch-Up!

Hello!  Long time, no blog! 😉  I’m breaking back into the upkeep of UBH again.  I’ve taken over a year absence from blogging to pour all my love and attention into my family, specifically our newest little adopted addition.  I almost can’t believe that our sweet baby girl is over a year old.  Ohhhh Mr. Time, I wish you would stop being in such a hurry to grow my babies up so quickly!

I’ve enjoyed an extended “maternity leave” (which I’ll never regret!) and figured it’s high time to get back into the swing of things around here.  I have a bit of “tidying up” to do on my site, but all in good time. I also have more than a bit of updating to share with you, but again, all in good time. For now, I will hit the highlights to catch you up to speed and get my buns back in gear.

It’s rare for me to share full pictures of my girls, but in honor of my blogging return, I’ll show a sneak peak into what has captured my heart, my time, and my life for the past year-ish.  Below is a picture of both girls five days after Bella was born.  I edited the photo by overlaying a Bible verse dear to our hearts.  More on that later.


The court system is a funny thing.  We adopted Bella on her third day of life but she did not legally carry our last name until four months ago.  Her legal hearing was an emotionally sweet and precious day to our whole family!  She’ll never remember it… but I always will.  We were surrounded by friends and family in our own privately closed courtroom.  The picture below was captured on her actual adoption day.  Let’s just say, the sun was shining both physically outside and figuratively inside my grateful heart.

My Girls

As for me, I have news to share and a lot of it!  For now, I’ll touch on my biggest accomplishment related to health and wellness.  I. QUIT. COFFEE!  You know how much I love my cup 0′ joe that started turning into a pot o’ joe each day.  I even set up beverage stations, complete with seasonal themes, just to keep the coffee love going.  My addiction was real, people!  And now, I feel BETTER without it!  I’ve been sans coffee for about 6 weeks now.  What’s more, I’m drinking over a gallon of lemon water every day.  I have my reasons and I can’t wait to share more with you on that very soon!  I’m honestly excited to fill you in and hopefully inspire you to make your own incredible health improvements too!!!

drinking water

I’ll leave you with some organization posts written by yours truly.  Over the past year, I maintained my bi-weekly blog posts for OrgJunkie.com.  I took a little time off writing for Laura but not nearly as much as I took from my own blog.  Settle back for a sizable amount of reading this weekend if you haven’t been following me over on I’m an Organizing Junkie.  I have quite a few organizing topics to link for ya.  In fact, there are so many that I failed to link-up here, that I will have to get you started with a few and add more to the next post I publish.

Click the pictures below and it’ll connect you to the corresponding posts I wrote.  Starting with the most recent and working backwards…

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Steep Your Tea on the Go with STEAP Giveaway!

I’m going to outright admit there are way too many pictures in this post, but I couldn’t help myself.  I love drinking tea as much as I love a good cup of coffee in the morning, but the health benefits of tea are SOOOO much more rewarding (more on that topic in a near future post!).

STEAP your tea

Writing an honest review on something I love means I may have gotten carried away.  But, that’s a perk for you because I had a couple curiosities that got answered, a minor problem due to my user error (which means you can smile at my expense and not make the same mistake), and an obnoxiously large batch of visuals to capture your attention.  Here’s another perk for you, a 25% discount code for UBH readers!  Plus, the good people at STEAP will mail a free STEAP mug to one reader chosen at random who enter my Rafflecopter at the end, so let’s get started and see who holds the lucky leaf. 😉


That sleek container you see is a newly marketed STEAP travel mug.  Online, the company explains that “Tea is a lifestyle. Bring that lifestyle with you – everywhere you go.”  Now before you get all antsy to tell me that you already have an insulated mug for your traveling tea needs, watch as I show you the significant difference that sets STEAP apart from all other travel mugs.


You can literally steep your tea on-the-go by choosing when, where, and what degree of steeping you desire while you’re busy go, go, going!  I don’t know about you, but that caught my attention.  I’ve been trying to incorporate more tea drinking into my schedule for a few months now, but I’m just as busy as you.  Life doesn’t slow down to allot for a good habit to form.  Habits of health must be formed especially during life’s busy seasons because that’s when our bodies need those stress-combating efforts the most!  Tea consumption is a definite perk to your health and reduction to your cellular stress level (those details are all better left for another post).  My point here being, convenience is necessary to develop and continue healthy changes.  So, when I was told that I can steep my immune boosting drink while also keeping up with my fast-pace lifestyle, I was hooked.


So, watch how this works.  The container comes apart to reveal a secret compartment (not so secret anymore) where you insert either a tea bag or loose-leaf tea.  I’m not a purist by any means, but I do use both methods of brewing depending on my mood and my tea stash, so being able to use either/or was a perk.  Secure tea by slipping the strainer back into it’s designed grooves (see below series of pics).






Boil your water.  That’s right, I took a picture of water boiling just to keep you fascinated.  🙂


And now, my rookie mistake.  I poured boiling water into my STEAP container and impatiently threaded on the lid.  All you proper tea drinkers out there can drop your jaws.  I know it’s poor form to add freshly boiled water directly to tea leaves.  I know, I know, but I’m impatient and couldn’t wait to see the beauty of this product work.

Instead of working, it spit at me.  It sputtered angrily when I tightened the lid and it leaked around the edges when I inverted the container to begin the steep.  Duh.  It’s simple physics, or logic, or some long-forgotten law about pressurized containers.  You don’t have to wait for the water to cool, but you do have to give it a brief minute before tightening the lid on boiled water.  I’m saving the company a legal disclaimer by letting you know what not to do.  I try to lead by example, even if it is example of what not to do. 🙂


Once your boiled water is poured up to about the level of the “P” on the container and you’ve given it a brief moment to acclimate, screw on the secret compartment lid.  That’s my term for it, there’s likely a better description but we can use “secret compartment” in our circle here.  Now, don’t stop with that lid.  Go ahead and screw on the top lid that is designed to create a leak-proof seal because we’re about to flip this container upside down.  Needless to say, make sure both lids are seated securely.



Grab your mug and head out the door, or fetch a lost lovey for your youngest, or scoop out the cheerios that were thrown in the fish bowl.  Whatever you do that keeps you busy, carry on. Whenever you’re ready to steep your sanity tea, invert the container for however long you wish, 2 to 3 minutes worked for me.  Obviously, the longer it’s inverted the stronger the tea.


When you’re done steeping, return to the upright position, remove the uppermost sealed lid (not the secret compartment) and drink straight from the container.  Or, pour into cups at your daughter’s impromptu tea party.  Whatever you choose, it’s ready for your enjoyment and will remain hot thanks to the cleverly insulated design.


I actually poured my tea into a few traditional tea cups to see how much it holds, which is about one and a half measuring cups worth.  This amounted to a little over two of my dainty china cups.


It’s recommended to hand wash your STEAP brew system.  Don’t forget to pull out that silicon disk located in the top cap to properly wash and dry before using again or storing.



Now, I’m not going to get all technical on you.  I’ll leave those details for the more educated company employees to disclose HERE.  However, I will say there are some specs on this product that make it’s design matchless.  For example with STEAP you can;

  • brew tea on-the-go and at home
  • use either loose leaf or pre-packaged bags
  • brew to your desired strength
  • keep liquid hot with double walled stainless steel cup design
  • flip your mug upside down without a single drop leaking out thanks to STEAP’s priority design
  • drink pure tea, no loose leaves plugging the drink spout thanks again to those key design features
  • drink worry-free knowing it’s food safe and BPA free
  • know 3rd party lab testing to verify materials
  • drink from 304 grade stainless
  • utilize food safe silicon seals


May I suggest we use some common sense on a few important issues?  Wait!  You’re probably sleep deprived like me.  Are you up every few hours in the night feeding a baby or answering cries about frightening dreams?  Yes, I feel your pain.  You’re not lacking common sense for no reason, you actually lost your sense somewhere around 3 am.  I get it, so I’ll type out a few reminders;

  • Boiling water burns, use extra caution
  • DO NOT fill above the “P” on the container.  It’s equivalent to the “max fill line” on my baby’s bottles 🙂
  • STEAP is designed not to leak but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious when inverting to steep
  • Twist both lids on carefully, making sure you’ve threaded them properly and they are seated securely
  • Hand wash all parts and be sure to remove the silicon disk inside the top cap for proper care

Want to buy a STEAP mug for yourself or maybe a belated Mother’s Day gift?  Use the code UBH25 at checkout for a 25% off discount.

What are you waiting for? I know you don’t need more pictures, lol.  Enter the #giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I was sponsored to write this post but you know I only accept if I genuinely believe it will (1) benefit or be of interest to the majority of readers and (2) supply everyone with a discount code for product purchase.  Of course, all opinions are honest and written by yours truly.  

I’m Ba-aack!

To say there has been a lot of change in our household the past six months is an understatement!  If you look at the time-stamp on my last post, you know I’ve been MIA for a significant chunk of time (!).  (That time, by the way, has flown by in a blink.)  Although you may have guessed why because of THIS anticipatory post, I randomly dropped off the face of the blogging earth (both here at UBH and at OrgJunkie) to welcome home our new baby girl!

While one world faded into the background, a whole new world opened up within the walls of our home.  Our family of 3 grew by leaps of love when we added our sweet Bella Grace this past winter.  I realize most of my readers would’ve loved some kind of update, rather than unexplained absenteeism, but adoption is especially delicate and not deserving of insensitivity that can sometimes arise with social media.  So, please excuse this Mama Bear for keeping our domestic adoption, our beloved birth mother, and our precious baby blessing private.  However, I will share one picture of my girls together, as I know most of you would like a sneak peak before I move on to things related to a Useful and Beautiful Home.

Hamilton Creek of just the girls

And in other related news, I will be returning to my regular contributions at I’m an Organizing Junkie very soon.  Prior to my “maternity leave”, I was posting every other Saturday.  However, Laura needed a different schedule these days, so you can expect to see me the first Saturday of the month and two weeks later on Tuesday.  It’s a strange schedule, I know, but I’ll be sure to link to it from here so you won’t miss any of my organization efforts.  You know I’m ready and waiting to share some new baby content, so stay tuned all you new Mommies!

In honor of my return, I’m kicking things off with a new giveaway ideal for all you tea-drinking busy people out there.  Keep an eye out for that post to appear soon!  Happy Friday Loves!


Jamberry Holiday Giveaway

You can find me again at I’m an Organizing Junkie this weekend.  I’m talking about organizing Jamberry nail wraps.  Keep reading below and enter the Giveaway for the chance to win an amazing holiday gift set.

How to Organize Jamberry Wraps and a Giveaway

Whether you enter the drawing for yourself or as a gift for a friend, it doesn’t matter.  The important thing is that you enter the raffle because it’s an incredible giveaway, generously donated by my Jam girl, Joy.  Then, if you haven’t already, head over to OrgJunkie.com and read about how to keep these trendy wraps under wraps… aka organized. 🙂


Why is this holiday giveaway worth entering?  Because Joy is giving the chance to win an entire package deal called, Winter Wishes Holiday Gift Set.  Not only does it include two full sets of Jamberry’s famous wraps, but also their hand moisturizer in a yummy cranberry scent AND a bottle of “Ruby” colored nail Lacquer (which is a high quality polish, free of 5 harmful chemicals commonly found in most nail polishes).  All this is pictured below with the company’s description details underneath the photo.

jam giveaway

Jamberry’s Winter Wishes Holiday Gift Set includes everything you need to get in the holiday spirit, including festive nail wraps, exclusive Cranberry-scented Nourish, and “Ruby” lacquer. This enchanting set is a must-have for any beauty lover. So bundle up and make a bold statement this holiday season!

My personal favorite reason to use Jamberry for holiday parties and gatherings is that I don’t have to wait for the polish to dry when using the wraps.  Apply them to your nails and head out the door or finish getting ready without waiting for the dry-time.  Or, if you use the lacquer, the drying time is reduced compared to most nail polishes, so you’re still able to get out the door on time for the festivities. 🙂

Need to organize your stash of Jamberry wraps?  Read HERE.

Giving Jamberry nail wraps as a gift and want a thoughtful way to embellish it?  Read HERE.

Want to order Jamberry products from an attentive and friendly consultant?  Visit Joy’s website HERE.

Need info emailed to your in-box?  Sign up HERE.

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Happy Birthday Raffle Giveaway!

Hi friends!  I’m sharing a giveaway in honor of my birthday!  You can read about the silicone lids I call a “coffee keeper” HERE where I posted the details on I’m an Organizing Junkie.  My birthday was actually yesterday, but I had to time this post to go along with what I wrote for Laura that went live today.

norwex lid

I use my silicone lid to keep coffee hot during the gazillion interruptions I face each morning.  As a bonus, it keeps sneezes and airborne germs out of my java. 🙂  But, there are several other ways this little disc comes in handy!  Obviously, it functions as intended to keep food/drink fresh in the fridge or pantry.  But recently I saw someone use one in place of a missing bathtub plug.  The lid made a perfect seal to keep the bath water from draining, pretty creative!  It’s a handy little gadget that stores pretty easily using a sticky-back hook like I did on my coffee maker.


My hubby planned a lovely evening of birthday surprises with several of our friends.  He include all my favorite foods and planned all my favorite things.  Would you believe, as a grown adult I still love playing mini-golf?  My friends humored me and played a round under the stars last night.  Thankfully Florida temperatures are perfect for putt-putt in October!  We had a blast and ended the evening with my favorite cake (strawberry with strawberry icing), playing a game of Three Thirteen cards and laughing until our stomachs hurt.  It was fun to say the least but I don’t have any pictures to share.  Oh well, sometimes being in the moment is worth forgetting the camera.




Back to the freebie… I’m making it REALLY easy for y’all.  I’m only asking that you give my Facebook page a “like”.  I’m not making you jump through any hoops or share your deepest feelings in the comment section. 😉  Just a simple click or two and you’re in the drawing!

Sadly, Rafflecopter won’t let me open my giveaway drawing until midnight tonight.  So, set a reminder alert on your phone to come back here tomorrow morning (or midnight if you’re a night owl like me) and enter the raffle.  Rafflecopter will automatically activate the giveaway and then I’ll update as necessary.  I’m sorry for the poor timing, I didn’t realize I would run into a delay set by the company.  Thanks for understanding, apparently my age is starting to show. 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway