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Organized Desk Inspiration for Back-to-School

Mornin’ y’all!  I’m working this weekend on stage 1 of my 3 planned stages for a functional & shared office space.  I’ll have many more details in a few weeks when all is finished.  Yes, this project is gonna take a few weeks for sure!  Until then, here are two more inspiring and organized desks/command centers to take a peak at this weekend.  They appeared at 11 Magnolia Lane along with all the other talented Operation: Organization Back to School Series contributors.  Click the links below to catch up!

Glam and Organized Desk Area by The Pink Clutch

Glam Black and White Command Center by Terry at 11 Magnolia Lane

Operation Organization BTS
I’m in love with Terry’s command center and revamped desk.  If you’re a black and white fan (like me!) then you must check it out!  I’ll share quick secret with you… I also had the chance to meet the representatives for Osborne Wood Products that she mentioned.  Let’s just say, you’ll be hearing more about them from me later. ;)

Happy weekend!


An Updated Art Cart

As promised, I’m co-hosting today for a hugely inspirational series on Back-to-School Organization at 11 Magnolia Lane.  In their series (called Operation: Organization, Back to School Edition), they offer a little bit of everything when it comes to preparing for the school year.  My contribution today is a detailed tour of my daughter’s Art Cart.

Organize your children's art supplies in this cheerful Art Cart!

If you have art supplies floating around your house, this may be your answer to keeping them in one place.  In a few days, I’ll share a MAJOR review of several potential carts and why THIS one made the cut in our household.  I have many reasons and did all the research ahead of time for you!  So stay tuned and you’ll get to read more on that topic soon!

Washitape a trash container on the side for easy clean-up during art projects

Head over HERE and get the full scoop.  Below is the list of all the contributors and their corresponding back-to-school posts, so check those out too!

Operation Organization BTS


 DIY Homework Station by Simply Organized

Command Center Kitchen Cupboard by Eleven Gables

Organized Office by Dixie Delights

Kids’ Artwork Display Wall by Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

Organizined Wall Calendar by Honey We’re Home

Wednesday 8/13 by lil’ ol ME! :)

Glam and Organized Desk Area by The Pink Clutch Blog

Glam Black & White Command Center by 11 Magnolia Lane


I’m heading out today for my daughter’s new school orientation.  Hoping to meet new friends and build her excitement.  Wish us luck! ;)


Kitchen Command Center Reveal

You may have read bits and pieces I’ve shared about my newly designed kitchen command center.  Today I’ll give an actual overview of how it’s layout is functional for us and then finish highlighting the individual details throughout the rest of the week.

BUT, it won’t be part of tomorrow’s post, because if you remember… I’ll be co-hosting with the gals at 11 Magnolia Lane and have an entirely different organized goodie to share there!  Sorry to bop you around so much from topic to topic - typically blog parties are planned way in advance, so I couldn’t help the way my projects collided this time.

Cheerful Kitchen Command Center

Starting at the top, I keep my three painted clipboards in a row.  They each serve as lists, specific and very different lists.  The left side holds my easy DIY multiple lists for multiple shopping trips (written about HERE).  This has been around for a while and is VERY helpful to me.  It’s a project I made many moons ago and is still going strong.

Absolutely the best way to organize multiple shopping trips around town!

The center board posts the week’s meal schedule (as talked about HERE).  And the right clipboard keeps scrap paper that I’ll be sharing soon at OrgJunkie (I promise you will love this thrifty organizing idea!).

Painted clipboards organize this colorful command center

The middle section keeps file folders of all things important when it comes to paper.

Hanging file folder keeps all the important stray papers in check!

Again, I’ll be showing more details about file prioritization later this week.

Cute and functional command center

To the right of my wall mounted file folder is a calendar I framed.  I painted it in coordinating fashion at the same time I learned how not to paint a clipboard.

DIY framed calendar to match command center

The bottom third of my command center is child-focused.  I wrote about it in detail HERE, which was my most recent contribution at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  This row is child-height and child-focused, specifically for our back-to-school preparation.  I wanted a place for morning routine accountability and a resource list of age-appropriate household “jobs”.

Let’s be real here for just a moment… if I had more children running around (and those plans are in the works), then I would line up more clipboards with morning routine checklists - a.k.a. one for each kiddie.  So, if you’re copying my command station, by all means, line up the charts to however you’ve been blessed with children (and then say a prayer of thanks for their little lives). :)

Child's responsibilities at the bottom of a family command center

Our Kitchen Command Center is tucked away across from the pantry.  It’s down a tiny back hall near the laundry room.  That said, I thought it a perfect place to add a cheerful color scheme to a typically un-cheerful display of lists, duties, and responsibilities.  I’m more of a neutral decorator, but this area could absorb the color in my opinion.

Kitchen Command Center stays cheerful when color coordinated

My last tid-bit to offer involves decorating around permanent objects (light switches, thermostat controls, etc.).  I had an awkward empty space below the calendar because of the light switch placement.  So, what better than to create a little fun bunting to keep in theme with a cheerful command center?  It was a happy answer to a strange interruption in the command center.  Now the area looks purposeful.

Add coordinating bunting if you have awkward spaces caused by permanent fixtures (such as light switches)

Last shot at a different angle so you can see part of the kitchen and the doorway to the left, where the laundry room is located.  Oh, and you can also see that even the family dog visits this spot throughout the day for food and water. ;)

Kitchen Command Center out of the way but central to family activities

There’s my colorful Command Center in entirety.  Don’t forget to visit again tomorrow for my co-hosting event and then later in the week for the rest of the details within this mini central station!


Organizing Junkie Links and a Co-hosting Event!

I’m sure you know by now that I contribute a post twice a month at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  But, yikes, I sure have been a slacker in linking up my latest contributions!  I don’t know why, because it involves a huge chunk of my time to create useful content for her readers.  So, I’ll give you a binge list of all my recent posts and let you catch up on my work, with the most recent one being this past Saturday.  Oh, and you know I love your comments, so feel free to share some written love (hint, hint).  :)

Here they are in reverse chronological order…

Back to School Kitchen Command Center for Kids

Travel Organization: Children’s Clothing Bundles

Travel Organization: Bracelets

Toddler Bib Storage

Travel Organization: Men’s Neck Ties

Organizing Keepsake Cards

Organizing Artwork and a FREE Printable

Freezer Friendly Labels

Wow, that really is a lot of published posts I’ve neglected to share with you.  Please catch up at your leisure or just look at the pretty pictures.  Either way, thanks for being loyal.  Muah!

***Also (and this is a BIG also), I’m co-hosting a really awesome collection of back to school organizational ideas this week!  I haven’t had the chance to talk much about the blogging conference I attended last month, but the best part about the weekend was getting to meet some of my adored bloggers I’ve been reading for years.  One site I love (a team of three megga talented girls) was especially exciting to meet, the girls behind 11 Magnolia Lane.  They invited me to be a part of their Operation: Organization Back to School Edition, such an honor!

Operation Organization BTS

I’ll be sure to give the link this Wednesday when my co-hosting goes live.  Until then, please meander through their lovely site and read the other co-host contributions already published (I’ll supply the links to follow below).  They’re currently offering 3 trendy monogrammed labels as a giveaway right now, so be sure to enter when you head over there (I did). :)

DIY Homework Station by Simply Organized

Command Center Kitchen Cupboard by Eleven Gables

Organized Office by Dixie Delights

Kids’ Artwork Display Wall by Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

Organizined Wall Calendar by Honey We’re Home

Wednesday 8/13 by lil’ ol ME! :)

Thursday 8/14 by The Pink Clutch Blog

Friday 8/15 by 11 Magnolia Lane

 I’ll be giving updates on Facebook, Twitter, and my personal fave – Instagram all week long about this co-hosting event!

Happy Monday and happy back-to-school binge reading!